Dundee is now “the capital of Fife”, according to an Australian traveling website.

The write-up might well have taken care of to upset the populations of Dundee as well as Fife in one swoop.

It would seem the Australians may require to refer to a map, which clearly shows Dundee as well as Fife are divided by a river and also which could be gone across by a mile-long bridge.

The segment on the City of Discovery’s soon-to-open museum starts with the put-down: “When you think of Scottish cities, Dundee is not a name that springs to mind.”

Dundee is ‘the capital of Fife’, declares Australian travel website
The Dundee exert from the article

It then goes on to say: “But the capital of Fife was designated the European City of Design in 2014 and next year London’s Victoria and Albert Museum will open its exciting new design annex there.”

The article could well have managed to offend the populations of Dundee and Fife in one swoop.

Both Dundonians and Fifers are proud of their homeland – but mix them both up at your peril – with each quick to distance themselves from one another.

Traveller says it is “dedicated to providing the best travel advice” to Aussies by offering “comprehensive destination guides”.

It would seem the Australians might need to refer to a map, which clearly shows Dundee and Fife are separated by a river and which can be crossed by a mile-long bridge.