A cute hamster watches for a new residence after being placed in a Tayside re-homing centre.

Natasha the hamster entered into the treatment of the Scottish SPCA through no mistake of her very own.

Now, the “pleasant” Syrian hamster is waiting on a new residence at the charity’s Petterden centre on the side of Dundee.

A spokeswoman for the SSPCA said: “Natasha is currently a reasonably friendly hamster but might take advantage of some extra daily handling as long as you offer her sufficient time to wake up first.

“Syrians enjoy to check out, play as well as playing around so Natasha would certainly be trying to find a reasonably huge cage that offers her the possibility to do all those things.”

Syrian hamsters are among the most typical breeds in the UK.

the nighttime pets could make exceptional animals however must survive their very own as they are territorial animals and will start to combat with each other once they have actually reached maturation, which is between 8 and 12 weeks.

If you could use Natasha a residence, for a little contribution, call the SSPCA on 03000 999 999.