Councils throughout Tayside pay a consolidated ₤ 1,000 a month to motorists whose automobiles have actually been damaged driving over potholes.

Figures launched under freedom of details have exposed that considering that 2012/13, Dundee, Angus and also Perth and Kinross councils have paid ₤ 61,027.35 for repairs.

More than two-thirds of that cash was paid by Perth and also Kinross, which was struck with settlement insurance claims completing ₤ 34,398 in a single 12-month period.

Over the last five years Perth as well as Kinross Council needed to pay ₤ 42,671.35.

A spokesperson for the local authority stated amazingly damp climate was at fault for the huge variety of payouts in 2015/16.

She claimed: “Due to the extent of the damage triggered by the negative conditions, the council got just under ₤ 1.8 million extra financing in the direction of the repair services from the Scottish Government as well as Transport Scotland.

“It was difficult to attain the target repair work timescales the council specifies and generally accomplishes.

“The boosted degree of damages to the network resulted in an enhanced variety of claims for loss.”

Dundee City Council has paid ₤ 14,613.51 for repairs since 2012/13 yet has actually handled to slash its yearly bill by virtually 50%.

In 2012/13 the local authority needed to pay ₤ 4,399.60 yet because 2015/16 has decreased its annual costs to less than ₤ 3,000.

Dundee has actually only paid ₤ 812 for damage from craters this year, although that total is most likely to boost over the winter season duration.

Angus Council has had the most affordable expense, paying out just ₤ 3,742.50 over the past 5 years.