A Monifieth teen led authorities on a high-speed search with different Dundee streets with a 14-year-old traveler in the rear of the cars and truck.

Adam Gall, 18, of Fotheringham Drive, owned round edges in residential roads over of 50mph, cannot stop or give way at junctions, and cannot stop when police showed for him to do so until he was penned in by 2 police cars.

Fiscal depute Marie Irvine told the court that police officers were stopped at traffic control in Victoria Road behind the implicated’s vehicle.

She stated Gall relocated off at speed with his wheels spinning while the traffic signal were still at red.

As he reached the joint with Dens Road, authorities activated their blue lights and also siren however he was shed to see when he transformeded into Dens Road.

He was attended develop into Main Street and after that led the police officers on a high-speed chase, taking a trip at more than 50mph along Caldrum Street and Thistle Street, prior to heading down Mains Road, back on to Dens Road and left into Canning Street, where he was satisfied by an oncoming police vehicle.

Teen with 14-year-old passenger ‘panicked’ and led police on Dundee high-speed chase
Adam Gall

Gall attempted to do a three-point turn yet he was stuck as a patrol car was quickly behind him.

He was gotten rid of from the lorry and it was found there was a 14-year-old youth in the rear of the automobile, the financial claimed.

Solicitor John Boyle, who claimed Gall had actually been offered a car loan of the vehicle by a good friend, claimed: “It was a separated case.

“He saw the law enforcement officer when they indicated to him to quit he worried.”

Gall had actually sentence postponed by Sheriff John Rafferty for reports as well as a limitation of freedom evaluation, and he was bought to show up once more at court on December 6.